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Welcome to FreeMD, a site that offers free virtual symptom checker that can help you determine if you need to head to the emergency room or schedule a trip to your family doctor. While it may feel like a real doctor visit, you should not use it to replace regular medical care.

If you have any questions about how you should be using this site, I suggest checking out the About section. There you’ll find what the site is all about and access to the different FAQ’s that they have written up for the site.

When you arrive at the site you will find the navigational tabs: Home, Symptom Checkup, Injury Checkup, Disease Checkup, Women’s Checkup, Pregnancy Checkup, Baby Checkup, and Men’s Checkup. Below that you’ll find a symptom search engine, and beneath that you’ll find specific system checkers: Is it the Flu?, Is it a Migraine?, Abdominal Pain?, Chest Pain?, and Heartburn? If you scroll down further you’ll find the sections: The Doctor is In and Did You Know? Each of those sections have links under them to pertinent and interesting information.

The symptom checker is very thorough. You’ll answer a set of questions like: Did you take your temperature? Click yes if you did, and then provide what the temperature was. Answer each question that comes up, and then you’ll be taken to the results page where you will be given a list of what might be wrong with you, where you should go to get treated (home, doctor’s office, or emergency room), and an option to e-mail this report to your physician.

I think this site is an amazing tool to help you decide whether you need to head straight to the emergency room or schedule an appointment with your doctor. I also think it would be extremely useful to new parents who are going through their first pregnancy, or running into those first scary times that their child is sick.