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From One to the Other

From One to the Other

Have you ever found yourself recreating a slide for a PowerPoint presentation?

When I say “recreate” I mean actually creating a slide identical to one you have in some other presentation.

What were you thinking as you went through all the hassle?

Aggravation? Frustration?

Yeah, you bet.

Even if you’re doing the old copy / paste thing, it’s still time consuming and irritating that you have to go through all the flipping back and forth between presentations to get everything transferred.

Looking for a quick way to have PowerPoint do all the work?

Maybe even have PowerPoint simply copy the complete slide from one presentation to another in one swift move?


Good — then let’s take a look.

First, open the presentation where you want to insert the copied slide.

Next you’re looking for the Insert menu, Slide from Files choice.

The Slide Finder window will open.


Click the Browse button, navigate to the presentation file that contains your slide(s) and click Open.

You’ll be returned to the Slide Finder window.

Click the Display button to load the slides from the selected presentation.


In the bottom section of the window you’ll see each slide.

See the buttons just below the Display button?

They look like this:


The one on the left will display just the slides. (Shown above)

If you choose the one on the right the display will change to a list of slide titles and a preview box.


Clicking on a slide name will display it on the right.

At this point you’re ready to select the slides that will be inserted into the presentation.

If you’ve got all slides displayed you can simply click on the image of each slide to be copied.

Accidentally click on the wrong slide?

No problem—click on the slide again and it will be deselected.

If you have the list of slide titles displayed you’ll need to hold down the Ctrl key to select more that one slide at a time.

When you’ve got all the slides you need click the Insert button.

Here’s a few other tidbits you might want to know.

Next to the Insert button is the Insert All button—a one stop place to put all slides into the presentation with no delays.

Also, back at the top of the window (just below the file name) there’s an Add to Favorites button.

Clicking this one will put the selected presentation into your favorites list. By having a presentation listed in favorites you no longer have to go through all the navigation stuff to locate the file.

To access your favorites list click the List of Favorites tab at the top.

You’ll find yourself looking at pretty much the same stuff with one big difference.

You don’t browse the computer to find files, you simply pick the file you need from the list you’ve created.

So, if you’ve got a presentation containing slides that will be used frequently you’ll want to consider putting it on the favorites list.

When you’ve finished copying everything click the Close button to return to your current presentation.


Slides inserted—no copy / paste required!

Quickly I’d like to mention a couple of other things that I think might be useful.

First, I found that the inserted slides followed the Slide Master of the new presentation—not the old. Meaning that background colors, fonts, etc… set in the Slide Master of the old presentation do not come into the new one.

Second, I also found it more efficient to insert all slides at once and then use the slide sorter to put them in the correct location within the new presentation. To insert a slide, close the Slide Finder window, move to the next location, insert a slide, close the Slide Finder window, move to the next location… is a pain! Just insert them all at once then use the “handy dandy” slide sorter to drag and drop them into their new “homes”.

~ April