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Funny Photo Maker – Fun Photos Free!

Have you ever wanted to morph someones face or photo into a really cool picture? Your grandpa on a 100 dollar bill? Garfield showing a picture of your friend to Jon? Other funny effects and cool calendars?

Funny Photo Maker is a fantastic free program by AnvSoft [1] which lets you insert photos you’ve taken into interesting frames, face change filters and artistic effects. Once you’re done morphing the face you can then export the image to a standard jpeg file for printing, uploading to Facebook or sharing with friends!

Funny Photo Maker is as simple as pressing the red + sign once you’ve installed and opened the program to select a photo. Once your photo is on the left bar simply pick a frame, a face fun filter or an artistic filter and you can then edit original image to alter the crop or edit template to select how the blending is done.

What’s not to like?
Some of the filters apply better then others and some photos are better suited to certain filters.

Want to see some samples of the output?
Here’s our brave marketing kitten frank and next him his cousin, a tiger, eating my official company photo!

 Download Funny Photo Maker free by clicking here [1].