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When is Big Too Big? The New Samsung Galaxy SIII Phone

You know the phrase “Bigger is Better”? Well, after many years (and a lot of broken buttons on pants) most fast food companies have realized that bigger isn’t always better – although some major phone manufactures haven’t caught on yet.


Samsung recently released the Samsung Galaxy SIII, a brand new 4.8″ screen Android 4.0 smartphone with the latest in technology. Featuring a 1280×720 pixel 4.8″ super AMOLED screen, a brand new quad-core 1.4 ghz processor, 1 GB of LPDDR2 RAM,16, 32 or 64GB of built-in storage and 4G LTE on compatible networks. It’s a beast on the specification charts.

The SIII is one of the first phones from Samsung exclusively built around Android 4.0, featuring a new S Voice feature (exclusive to Samsung), which will function in the same way Siri does for the iPhone, allowing you to speak a host of commands to your phone.

Now we’re certainly not going to knock the Galaxy SIII for its technical specifications, but I dare anyone to use this phone with one hand – unless your hands are the size of big foot’s, that is. It’s pretty huge!

Now some might be thinking that cell phones are just like monitors, and a bigger monitor is usually better, but let’s go over a few things:

1) The average pocket can’t comfortably fit a phone thats 5.4 inches by 2.8 inches big.

2) The average person’s thumb isn’t 4.8 inches long, and if you’re trying to use a phone while doing anything else, then you’re probably using your thumb to click things.

3) The average person wants to put a case on a phone to protect it, which turns an already huge device into an even bigger one.

From all initial impressions the phone is the fastest Android device yet, with an amazingly sharp screen to boot, but do yourself a favor before you plunk down hundreds of dollars and a 2 year commitment: try it out for size first. (That’s my hand below with the demo)


To make it easier we’ve made a PDF file for you to print for a do-it-yourself demo of how big this phone is. Download the PDF file here. [1]