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Gardening for Pleasure

Now isn’t it odd that I’m bringing you a cool site about gardening in the middle of winter? Well this site comes from Australia, and it is the middle of summer down under! So let’s all of us get out of the cold and enjoy this site!

Experience the beauty of Australian plants from the comfort of your computer chair. And let me tell you these are real beauties! From orchids and azaleas, to water gardens and carnivorous plants. You will find vibrant pictures and species names. On the welcome page, you’ll see some lovely Eucalyptus Ficifolia, Red Flowering Gum tree, and some lovely autumn color with the Persimmon tree at the bottom.

Choose a section from the side menu and be taken off to some very lovely photos of plants and gardens native to Australia. I love the Native sections, and the climbers were gorgeous. This site really takes you away to Australia with the vibrant colors of the plants.

Enjoy these beautiful plants, they’ll put a smile on your face!

**Some of the pages are still under construction, so if you find a blank one, try back another time.

http://www.gardening4pleasure.com/ [1]