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gCount for Macs

gCount for Macs

Are you a Mac user? How about Gmail? If you said yes to both of those questions, you’re definitely going to want to pay close attention to this tip, because today, it’s all about you! Recently, I came across a list of useful Gmail tools and there was one in particular that stood out to me. It’s called gCount and it is only available for the Mac OS X 10.3 (or higher) computer system. So, what does it do? Well, just like always, you have to keep reading to find out!

To begin, gCount is a menu bar and dock station that basically tells you how many unread e-mails you have in your Gmail Inbox and so on. In other words, it shows you the status of those unread e-mails, which can be very helpful if you’re in a hurry. There have been several versions of gCount available in the past, but the most current is 0.5. It has been around since 2005 and it has become very popular among Gmail and Mac users alike.

Now, lucky for all of us, gCount 0.5 comes with a lot of new features. For example, v0.5 works a little faster than the previous versions, because it now uses a much faster communication method, which also helps cut down on the amount of memory being used. There are also new Growl notifications for your unread e-mails, any audio files that come through are now scanned for the proper extensions and gCount is now able to work with your proxy settings, if you use one. And that’s just a sample of what you can do with gCount! So, even if you’ve never used it before, you’ll be able to catch on rather quickly with all the new features that are now available. If you’re interested in getting gCount for yourself, you can download it right here. Just click on the Download gCount Now link to get started. Hope you enjoy this!

~ Erin