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I got wind of something called the Gdrive the other day. Can you tell me anything more about what it entails?

I surely can! After I received this question in my e-mail, I went right out and searched it up. Come to find out, the Gdrive is another little something Google has been working on for some time now. When Google announced the launch of Gmail in 2004, everyone was amazed at the 1 GB of space they were giving to anyone who signed up for the e-mail program. Well, the next big thing could be the Gdrive. Let’s learn more about it, shall we?!

The Gdrive would basically offer users an unlimited amount of storage space for just about any type of document (e-mails, Web sites, pictures, favorites, etc.) they may have. Google has been talking for quite awhile now about “a world of infinite storage, bandwidth and CPU power.” They’ve also mentioned in the past how they would like to “house all user files” and allow them to be accessible from anywhere. Wherever a user needed the files to be on hand, Google would do that for them. So, it’s now rumored that the Gdrive will do just that.

The logo for the Gdrive seems to be “Store 100%,” simply put, because they want to be able to store all of your data for you. Along with the rumors, questions have been raised about the Gdrive being reliable for users. That is obviously something Google will have to work out if they’re going to go forth with this project, but it’s said that they’re going to try and earn your trust by ensuring that your data would be more safe with their storage service than it would be on your own computer.

The Gdrive will also have to compete with other well known online storage services. For example, iDrive and FreeDrive. Although those and others are out there, Google does have a pretty good reputation, so they might be able to win over some more fans. People who wish to have an off site backup place for their data would certainly eat this right up. Users with a good broadband connection would also probably enjoy the Gdrive more.

Now, keep in mind that Google has been rumored over several things in the last year or so, so it is hard to tell if this really will come out to the public or not. If you’re an avid Google user, you can keep wishing for the day it will become available to you, but all in all, you could possibly be waiting for awhile first.

We’ll just have to wait and see what comes of the Gdrive. What will Google think of next?!

~ Erin