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Geek a Week

Welcome to Geek A Week, a fun art project that features a different geek icon every week in the style of a trading card for fifty-two weeks. So a geek a week for a year!

The site is easy to navigate. You can just press the random geek button if you want to see the cards randomly. Or you can click The Geeks on the right side of the page and you’ll find a listing of each geek that has been drawn so far. Another option is to click Trading Cards and scroll through all the trading cards in one place sort of blog-style.

If you’d like to learn more about the artist behind the trading cards, Len Peralta, check out The Artist section – where you’ll also find links to his Facebook and Twitter information if you’d like to follow him.

The Blog – is my favorite section. It is basically the entire site in a different lay out. What I like about this way of seeing the different parts of the site is that they are on a mellow yellow background that doesn’t hurt my eyes the way the red background of the main site does when I have a headache. And I have been very headachy of late with finals week at school.  It is setup blog style so you use the Older Posts/New Posts options at the bottom to navigate through the entries. You’ll also find a link – Learn More About the Artist – where you can find more of Peralta’s art work. See the Set takes you to the Flickr page for this project.

This is a great project! Check it out today!

http://geekaweek.net/ [1]