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Get.com Makes Shopping Easier

Mark from NJ asks:

When I go shopping on the Internet I feel like I never get straight answers from the site reviews. Is there a website out there where I can just ask a question about something and get some resolution?

Recently, while exploring the market for a brand new audio system I resorted to my usual info seeking ways. Asking friends, updating Facebook status with queries and Google.com for recommendations. It was while doing the latter that I ended up at Get.com

Get.com is The advice center that took too long to come. The whole idea is mind-blowingly simple. You ask a question, people answer and the answers are displayed based on the number of votes they get. The main focus is on product/shopping reviews and the site even goes as far as finding the best prices on the internet for a certain product.

For instance I found a question where a user asked recommendations for the best home audio system under $200. A lot of users had answered and the results were displayed methodically.


The most voted answers are shown just under the question itself and the detailed answered follow right below. A quick glance at the top, and you have a fair idea about what to look for. If in need for further details then just scroll down and read users input. Awesome or what ?

If you can’t find the solution to your query within any of the previously asked question, then simply go to “Ask question” and submit a new query. For this you will need to sign up at Get.com or, alternatively, connect your Facebook to Get.com for instant access.

Get.com is an awesome resources considering that our friends and family can not be expected to be an expert at everything under the sun (regardless of what the uncle or the cousin claim). Not only do you get a the valued opinion of other users and experts, you can have it verified via votes from other users too.

~Yogesh Bakshi