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Get Into Style

Get Into Style

Did you know that MS Word can get you in style with just a few clicks?


Well, good news—it can.

(Bad news—it’s style for your text and has nothing to do with the latest fashions. Sorry, no free shopping trips.)

But… back to the good news.

The first thing we need to discuss is a very good question.

What is a style in MS Word?

To give you a concise answer we need to discuss two different types of styles in MS Word.

The first type is a paragraph style. According to the Office Assistant, paragraph style is

“A set of character formats and paragraph formats that are stored under a style name.”

(Basically you can save different combinations of font, paragraph formatting, etc. under a name and apply it to text with a couple of clicks.)

The second type of style is for characters. Once again, let’s take a look at what the Office Assistant has to say:

“A combination of any of the character formats in the Font dialog box (Format menu) identified by a style name.”

(This one applies only font formats, no paragraph or other types of formatting will be applied.)