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Get More Out of Google

While this infographic is geared towards helping college students do online research using the Google search engine, it is also an infographic that can help anyone search with Google. 

Navigation is an easy scroll down the page. 

The first thing you’ll learn is how to find the information you want from a Google search. The first section of the infographic is How to Google where you’ll learn how to use  the following  operators  in your searches:

site:  the site you want to find the information on
” ”   put quotation marks around the terms you’re using to find the exact phrase
–  using the dash or subtraction sign will exclude the words following it from the search
~ the tilde allows you include related words in your search
.. putting two periods or dots between numbers will allow you to search a date range
filetype:  this helps you find a specific type of file (great for image searches)
intitle: this will only show results with the following word or words in the title
* the asterisk replaces itself with common terms in your search

The second section of the infographic is Google Scholar, a handy resource for students to find academic and scholarly secondary sources, that will teach you the operators: author: and how to further use quotation marks to get the information you want out of the search. It also shows you the best order to put your search terms in. 

The next section is Other Google Tricks  where you’ll learn about using the Google search engine to define, calculate, and do unit conversions.  Then you’ll find the handy Keyboard Shortcuts section. It is setup for Macs, but if you replace command with ctrl for a lot of the tips it will work. 

Now you’ll find yourself at the end of the infographic where it offers a few remaining research tips for students. If you are a student, don’t forget to use your college or university’s library, the research librarians at your school have access to more information than you do as a student. I wouldn’t have made it through either of my capstone projects last year without my librarian’s help. 

This is a great page to bookmark for later reference. Check it out today!

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