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Get Paid For Giving To Goodwill With Sell It Forward

Ebay has teamed up with Goodwill with a program called Sell It Forward. It allows people to make a donation to Goodwill and also earn a little money for themselves in the process.



You sign up on the Sell It Forward Website [1] and they send you a postage-paid mailer to fill with gently used clothing, shoes or handbags. You drop that mailer off at the nearest Post Office or UPS Store. The program is not active everywhere yet, but you won’t be sent a donation mailer until it is active in your area.



Ebay’s Goodwill partner will determine (at their discretion) which items they believe can be sold in less than 14 days for $10 or more and list those items on eBay. If the items sell, you’ll receive half of the proceeds. Items that do not sell be accepted as a Goodwill donation and you’ll receive a donation receipt.

The company emphasized that the new program is designed for clothing, shoes and handbags. They items should be in like-new condition (no tears or stains) and preferably from recognized brands that will appeal to buyers on eBay.

To learn more about how it works or to sign up for a mailer, go the Sell It Forward website. [2]

 ~ Cynthia