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Get Professional Flash with Incrediflash

Get Professional Flash with Incrediflash

There are many tools available for download these days that allow the authoring of flash animation and presentations. However, most are mainly aimed at Web designers and they still require a certain level of programming ability. Well, lucky for all of us, Incrediflash has changed all that by combining all the advantages of a simplistic authoring system for designers, enthusiasts and the layman alike. You know, anyone who just wants a photo slideshow of the family album, for example.

There is no requirement to learn Flash at all. The amazing results produced from this software are achievable by all skill levels. So, what is required? Well, a photo album, a business seminar presentation slideshow or maybe a DVD for prospective employers during an interview presentation, just to name a few. The uses go on and on. Incrediflash allows users to save videos, sound, music and photos for any of the examples mentioned and much more. The production can then be uploaded to the Web from the software so others can see it online. It can also produce DVD video for playback on your TV, if that’s desired. It’s all up to you!

Now, Incrediflash is an astonishingly simple package to grasp, despite many of its very intricate features. The number of Flash applications for Web sites and presentation possibilities for DVD are so vast, I could never completely cover them all here. So, here is an overview of the main features.

Upon opening Incrediflash, the initial screen requests of “Create an empty project” or “Open from file” appear, like this:

There is instant help available here and it is recommended that you go through the tutorials right away as a first time user. There are four example projects to scrutinize and they are a great demonstration of what this software can do. The animated banner will excite Web designers who want fast projects. The other is the photo gallery, which is a useful display for family photos or holiday shots that can be placed onto a DVD or on the Internet. These can be done quite easily and the tutorials explain how to do these in great detail. It is a quick process from start to finish, piecing together a Flash animation in this way.

Let us take a look at the photo slideshow example first:

These are quite popular these days, now that digital photography is so ubiquitous. Photo slideshows are an excellent way to present a range of photographs. Incrediflash will allow quick authoring of the above example, following the tutorial. Then at the click of a button, the project can be saved as an HTML Web page or as a movie file for a DVD.

The project can even be uploaded to the Web directly from here by selecting the Upload Online option. There is so much versatility at work here that the number of possible applications for Flash animation, slideshows and presentations become limitless. The interface is quite intuitive. The symbols used are very familiar and the working window is not cluttered with buttons like with so many other software titles.

Using the Incrediflash software allows for the creation of some very complex applications. Due to the wide range of possibilities with Incrediflash, Web designers will also find the wide array of tools and effects a very useful addition to their design software arsenal. One of the most notable applications is for Web pages, as other than Flash animation intros and presentations, banners can be designed quickly. These are still popular today among the vendors and they allow increased exposure for Web sites. An eye catching banner advertising a new product or service can be a nice touch and it is a demanding gimmick for many commercial Web sites today.

The whole process of creating the banner can be completed wholly within the Incrediflash package, without the need for further graphic design tools, such as Photoshop. That is up to the designer. What will be noticed is how much can be done with the software. Ease of use leads to stunning designs that can be pieced together, whether attempted by a complete amateur or ardent professional.

Below, you can see the panel of extras for adding effects, color changes, interactivity and much more. From here, the background color can be changed just by selecting a color right here. The transition drop down box gives a presentation power by revealing little transitional visual treats, like dissolve, fade, come, wheel and so on. And all of this is achievable with the click of a button!

Next, check out the screenshot below. Each scene can move to the next scene with a transition selected here.

By scenes, this refers to the number of slides that make up the show, presentation or animation movie. It is the same layout in MS PowerPoint, but PowerPoint does not have the clickable power of this package. On the left hand side of the software, the scenes are listed top to bottom as each scene is created. When one scene has been created, simply right click the scene here and select Insert Empty Scene to start working on the next one. It is so seamless that you might start to wonder why painful software is still utilized today, even by professionals.

For each scene that is created, there are a variety of built in layered effects for the background. These are rather fun to add in and they can be inserted with a simple click.

One of the features that almost rival the Macromedia Flash software itself is the interactivity. This can be added as quickly as a click for mouse actions on buttons, images and videos. Actions can be added to these to start movies, open a Web site or move to the next scene, as in a slideshow.

Clicking on the Add Action button here drops a selection of actions. It can be seen how the simplicity works here. What is required? Want to go to the next scene? Selecting the image, video or sound file and then selecting the Go to a Scene option here, then selecting the scene in the box below will do just that. Perhaps, the action can be used to play a video of the latest family holiday from a selection of videos. A whole interface can be created to access a lot of videos with the click of a button for showcasing them on the Web or on a DVD.

This is an all around fantastic package for creating so many different projects. It is easy to create a slideshow for the family photos and videos. Create a business presentation that puts PowerPoint to shame. These are just some of the uses already in action after being created in Incrediflash, not to mention interactive Web pages, Flash movies and banners. There is so much more that can be covered here, but this article has exposed the main features that allow Incrediflash to give so much power to the amateur enthusiast or professional developer. It is a visual tool delivering great uses in a flash!

~ Stephen Davies