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Get Rid of Shared Documents Folder

A while back we told you about the “Shared Documents” folder in Windows XP. It can be used for files that you want accessable to other users on the computer or a network. Here’s more about it…

But, what if you don’t want to have such a folder? Well, you can make it go away in a few easy steps:

Go to Start/Run and type in “regedit” (without the quotes). Since this requires going into the registry, as always, back it up first—here’s how…

Next you need to find your way to the following key:


Select the “Explorer” folder.

Go to Edit, New, then “DWORD Value”.

Name the new value “NoSharedDocuments”.

Double click the new value and in the Edit DWORD Value dialog box, change the value data field to “1”.

Reboot your computer for the change take effect.

Bye bye Shared Documents folder.

~ David

P.S. What if you change your mind down the road? Just go back into regedit and change the value to “0”. Not only will the folder return, but any contents will still be there.

David Samuel Thomas