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Get Right to Business in MS PowerPoint

Get Right to Business in MS PowerPoint

Are you using PowerPoint 97 or 2000 and find yourself tired of seeing this screen every time you start the program?


Looking for a way to bypass this altogether and just get right to business?

If this is you then here’s the scoop.

Take another look at that Startup Screen… maybe take a look way at the bottom?


See it?

Yep, that’s right, the answer has been right before your eyes the whole time.

Simply check the “Don’t show this dialog box again” box, make your selections above and click OK.


No more startup dialog box.

Now, before you feel any remorse about that decision (or aren’t willing to make the change just in case you don’t like it) there is a way to see the startup dialog window again.

Simply go to the Tools menu, Options choice.


On the View tab make sure that the “Startup dialog” option is checked and click OK.

That’s it—you’re back to the “situation normal”.