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Get Sticky

I love using keyboard shortcuts. They’re quick and make me look like I’m a pro… or something. However, I realize that many of you like to keep one hand on the mouse, so those three key combos are out. How about a way to type one key at a time rather than all at once?

This feature is called “Sticky Keys” and gives you a delay between key strokes when doing a keyboard shortcut. Let’s say you want to copy something—rather than hold down Ctrl + C you can type Ctrl then C.

Ready to get sticky? Here’s what to do:

Head over to the Control Panel (Click Start / Settings / Control Panel ) and select “Accessibility Options”.

On the “Keyboard” Tab, place a check in the checkbox next to “Use Sticky Keys”.


Click OK to close the Accessibility Options window.

Now you can do combos a key at a time. Yeah!

~ David