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Get Stylish Frames with Framy

Get Stylish Frames with Framy

When much of your work involves staring at a computer, it’s important to have fun while you’re at it. So, that is why jazzing up your desktop becomes all the more necessary! And the people at Framy (you can find their Web site here) do just that. They freely allow you to take frames off their Web site so that you can display your very own pictures on your desktop in style!

Some of the frame choices are as follows:

Even more, you can select the theme you want from a whole host of possibilities. It could be animals, hyperactive sports, soothing nature, exciting events, colored backgrounds, children or even miscellaneous things. And what’s the big idea behind it? Well, to add stylish frames to your digital photos to enhance your desktop and wallpaper designs. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Framy is definitely the smartest way to expose your pictures on your desktop. No more boring wallpaper. It’s all just fun and style now!

Other Features

All you have to do is select your favorite style of frame and then change it and move it. Framy works as another window of your Windows operating system right on your desktop. All you need to do that is just one click away from your desktop. And there are other features too. Just right click on your chosen frame to:

Framy also includes a user friendly interface where you can choose, scale, rotate the photo and adjust the contrast and brightness of it before putting the picture into the frame.

How It Works

Select your Framy frame (be it animals, sports or whatever else is available online), right click on it and then click “Select your picture” to open the window of configuration.

Framy is 100 percent free with no malware, adware or spyware. Also, when you download and install Framy on your desktop, you get a very convenient search box on your frame that is powered by Prevy.com, which is an emerging search engine on the Web.

Framy is convenient (because it’s on your desktop), clever (because you can easily preview your searches with the Quick View Feature) and relevant (because Prevy.com retrieves and combines the best results from MSN and Dmoz). How cool is all of that?!

How to Install Framy

To install Framy, simply follow these three easy steps:

1.) Once you’ve selected your favorite frame, click Download to start the download. This will open the file download screen.

2.) Next, click Run and then Open.

3.) The Framy software will then install itself.

When the installation is done, open Framy from the new icon on your desktop.

Alternate Method

You can also use the following method to install Framy:

1.) Once you’ve selected your favorite frame, click Download.

2.) You will then be prompted with a File Download window. Select Save to save the file on your computer.

3.) Double click on the downloaded file and the installation will begin.

When the installation is done, open Framy from the new icon on your desktop. That’s it!

Now, go on and enjoy your new stylish frames!

~ Zahid H. Javali