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Get This: App Lets You Shop Your Favorite TV Shows

Ever seen something really cool on your favorite TV show and wondered where you can get it? Back in the day, you had to wait and hope something about it might come out in a magazine or even actually mail off a letter to the network making a polite inquiry and hope you might get a response as to where Joan Collins got those sweet-looking shoulder pads on Dynasty.

 These days, we’ve got this thing called instant gratification.You can pull out your laptop or tablet and do a little Googling and you’ll likely find something out or at least some suggestions.  A new free app for the iPad makes it even easier. Get This -is a shopping app that syncs up with a the show you’re watching and lets you know what clothing brands a character is wearing, where that sweet sofa came from or just what is that cool gadget the main character is using.  You can purchase the items right from the screen while you’re watching the show. Love those leggings from Vampire Diaries?  Want that watch from Scandal? You can buy them with just one click.You can use your iPad or visit the website.

But it’s not all about shopping, the app also lets you ask questions about style trends featured in the shows directly to costume designers, hair stylists, make-up artists and set designers.

 They’ll even offer lower-cost alternatives to designer items featured in programs.  Plus a percentage of each transaction is donated to charity.

Right now the service is only offered for a few shows like Scandal and Vampire Diaries, but the developers are actively recruiting more partners. The app is only available for iPad but one for iPhone will be available soon. You can also find and purchase Learn more about it at www.getthistv [1].

~ Cynthia