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Get Word To Do The Formatting For You

Get Word To Do The Formatting For You

So, you’ve written a true masterpiece in MS Word… or maybe it’s a group project and you’ve all done your part to create the document.

Only one problem—formatting is all over the place!

I mean, different spacing, different headings and other such tragedies.

Obviously you could go through the document and make it all consistent by hand, or, you could let Word do it for you.


(Yeah, of course you are—who doesn’t like to have the program do all the boring work?)

Well, the answer then is in Word’s AutoFormat feature.

To define AutoFormat, using the Office Assistant’s words, AutoFormat “analyzes the content of the active file and then automatically formats the file”.

In other words—it takes a look at the current file and goes through the business of giving it consistency and a professional look.