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Get Yourself Connected (and Stay Connected)

Get Yourself Connected (and Stay Connected)

(This is for non-XP people.)

Those of us with modems know that in order to get connected, we have to click on the dial-up icon to get the “connect to” box, then click on the connect button and wait for computer to dial and connect.

What if there was a way to get rid of the “connect to” box and go straight to dialing the Internet? There is!

To do this, go to Start, Settings, then Control Panel. The Control Panel will open up with many different options. Double-click your dial-up networking folder, right click on the dial-up icon and click Properties.

With your properties box open, click on the Security tab. There is a check box about half way down that says “Connect Automatically.” Put a check in that box and you’re done. That’s all you have to do.


Although while you are here how would you like to make your computer STOP disconnecting just because you walk away from it?

Go to the Dialing tab, find the check box close to the bottom that says “Enable Idle Disconnect” and uncheck it.


That’s it! Your computer will now start dialing the Internet whenever you click on your dial-up icon, mail, Internet explorer or any link. And now you can walk away for more than 2 minutes without it going offline.

Happy surfing!

–Patti Brown