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Getting Rid of HPTCS Error Messages

Pat from Burlington, KS asks

I keep getting this error “HPTCS has stopped working”. I am trying to fix the problem but can not find a cure. Can you help?

This error is caused by the HP Easy Internet Setup application. This application comes pre-installed in many HP and Compaq laptops. The application is useful for people who do not have Internet set up on their laptops. The good news is that this error does not hinder the performance of your laptop. Therefore, you can live with the error. Since you already have Internet set up on your laptop, I’d recommend uninstalling the application. This frees up space and the error vanishes forever!

The instructions below describe how to Uninstall a program in XP. The process is similar in Vista and Windows 7. Click here for additional details.

As you’ll notice from the following procedure, the steps to uninstall the application are no different than from uninstalling any other application:

1. Click Start and then Control Panel.


2. In the Control Panel window, double-click Add or Remove Programs.


3. In the Add or Remove Programs window, scroll down to the HP Easy Internet program, and then click Remove.


4. Click Yes in the Uninstall Confirmation window and Windows uninstalls the program.

Now, reboot the machine and you’ll be rid of the dreaded “HPTCS has stopped working” error forever!

~Rupen Sharma