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GFI Backup

There are many services and software that allow you to backup your computer files, however the majority of these programs are usually not free and can be quite costly. Fortunately, GFI Backup Utility isn’t like that, because it allows you to backup your entire computer for free! The following information shows how to backup your files with GFI.

Step 1: Download GFI Backup Utility

The first thing you have to do is download GFI. This can be done by going to the GFI homepage [GFI.COM]. Under the “Products” tab, select “GFI Backup Home Edition”. Next, enter some of your information and download the product. The software is about 10MB, so it will not take long to download.

Step 2: Backup Your Computer


Once you have finished downloading GFI, open the program and click on “Backup”. The following screen will ask you to enter a task name—which must be entered to begin the backup process. The rest of the information is optional.


Select the type files in your computer you want to backup. GFI allows you to backup registry keys, files & folders, Emails, and user settings.

Choose where you want to backup data. After you have selected the files you want to backup, you will have the option to choose where you want them stored. You can store your files in DVDs, CDs, USB flash sticks or an external hard drive.

Step 3- Restore Your Files


After you have backed up your files, you will able to restore them to your computer. To restore your files, open GFI, and simply click on “Restore”. The following screen will give the options to restore entire or individual backups.

~Jean-baptiste Juderson