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GigaPan Time Machine

Time lapse photography has always caught my attention, so when I found this site that sort of works along the same premise as time lapse photography to create time machines (or as I like to think of them time capsules) I knew I had to share it with you. 

I’d recommend that you start on About page and watch the Demonstration video. In seven minutes it fully explains how the time machines work, and what makes them different from regular time lapse technology. It explains it far better than I could. 

As for navigation – on the main page, pick a video that sparks your interest (I started with Plant Growth and ended up watching all of them) and then either read the information on the right of the page about the project you’ve selected or dive right in and press play and watch the time machine video.

What is really neat about these videos is that because of the way they are filmed you can zoom in and out as watch by using the plus and minus sign on the video.  You can also set what speed you watch the video in and whether it plays backward (from the finished product – so in the case of the plants, fully grown plants to seedlings) or forward from start to finish. The information on the right side of the video is amazingly in-depth in the topic and completely worth the read.

At the moment there are thirteen very neat videos to choose from so go check them all out! 

http://timemachine.gigapan.org/wiki/Main_Page [1]