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Giraffe Cam

The Greenville Zoo in South Carolina has a group of Masai Giraffes, and guess what? You can watch them on EarthCam! Their giraffe, Autumn, recently had a calf and you can watch the two bond over the live cam.

If the cam is live when you head over to the site, it will automatically load and play the live feed. When I visited, the calf was resting in its enclosure while mama nommed on some straw and kept an eye on her youngster.

If you arrive to a black screen where the video would normally play, the live feed is off – but never fear, you still have options! Below the area where the video plays there are archived videos. You can watch the Hall of Fame collection of videos, or the Giraffe Barn, Giraffe Paddock, or the Giraffe Birth Archives. So if the live feed is down there is still plenty to see.

Go check out this adorable calf, and all the other giraffes at the Greenville Zoo today! 

http://www.earthcam.com/usa/southcarolina/greenville/ [1]