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Giveaway of the Day – Free, Fully-Licensed Software Every Day

Who says there’s no such thing as a free meal? The website Giveaway of the Day [1] allows anyone to download new and free software every single day.

These downloads are not on a trial basis, but are registered and legal versions that are yours forever. There won’t be any limitations that trial versions usually have, either. You can visit the website to get information about giveaways for that particular week or subscribe to their newsletter.

Users can make sure they are downloading something worthwhile, because there are detailed software reviews for every title they have nominated. If you find software that seems interesting, make sure you act fast, because it’s only available for 24 hours.

You will get to try stuff that’s fresh on the market as well as updated versions of popular software. These are meant to be for non-commercial use only, so make sure you are not abusing this by copying the programs around for others.

~Zahid H Javali