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Giving the Slide Theme a New Look

Giving the Slide Theme a New Look

Do you have a favorite design theme in MS PowerPoint 2007?

Perhaps you even have a couple of favorites. Even so, are you starting to feel like they’ve been overused?

Looking for an easy way to give them a quick “face lift” without losing all the cool elements and formatting that made you love them in the first place?

No problem! I recently stumbled across something that will help you do just that.

On the Design Ribbon, to the right of the Themes, you’ll find a button labeled Background Styles.

Click that button and a gallery of options that blend with your current presentation theme will be displayed.

Hover over one to see a preview of the changes. When you’ve found a background you like, select it and PowerPoint will then make the change throughout your presentation.

If you still aren’t happy, you could choose Format Background from below the gallery. That gives you access to a dialogue window that will allow you to make further customizations.

There you have it. A quick change to freshen up your favorite themes may be all you really need!

~ April