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Glary Registry Repair

Glary Registry Repair

As you may recall, a couple weeks ago, I wrote about a free download called Glary Utilities [1]. That program offered many different utilities for cleaning and repairing your computer system. So, when I was looking for this week’s download, I came across a new program called Glary Registry Repair. Since I liked the Utilities program so much, I just had to give this a try. And it looks like Glary has done a great job again!

Glary Registry Repair is easy to use and it packs a lot of power into a few simple clicks. After installing the program, I clicked on one button and it scanned my entire system. I was surprised to see that it found over 1,000 registry entries that either needed repair or removal. After it found those, it was just one more click to fix them all. It’s amazing!

This program also has the ability to undo a repair, just in case something goes wrong. I think all registry programs should have that option, but very few do.

If you want to download Glary Registry Repair for yourself, just click here. Once you arrive on the page, click on the blue Download Now link, located directly under the words “Glary Registry Repair.”

Note: As with the other Glary product, installing Glary Registry Repair will also install the Ask toolbar. If you decide you don’t want that feature, you can remove it by going to Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. Find the toolbar in the list and hit the Remove button. That will remove the Ask toolbar, but the Glary Registry Repair will still be on your computer. Enjoy!

~ Gary