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Global Network of Dreams

Have you read everything by your favorite author? Have you run out of music to listen to? Sick of trying to figure out which movies you will actually enjoy? Well now you’ve met a site that can help you out.

When you load up this site you will notice that there are four sections: Gnod Music, Gnod Books, Gnod Movies, and Flork. We’re going to start in the Gnod Books section.

Gnod Books — You have four options when you get to this section: Gnod Suggestions, Map of Literature, Literature Forum, and Literature Locator.

The “Gnod Suggestions” is great when you’ve run out of books by your favorite authors to read. You just type in three names of authors you enjoy and click “Continue” and it brings up the name of an author that its artificial intelligence thinks you may enjoy based on the authors you’ve listed. I’ve found so many new books to read thanks to this tool.

The “Map of Literature” gives you a lot of options too. Put in the name of one author you enjoy and then click “find this writer” this takes you to a blue page that has a lot of authors names floating on it in white, the closer the names are to the name you put in the more likely you are to like that author’s work. When you click on the name it will take you to another map with more authors on it, and so on and so forth, providing you with endless possibilities.

Gnod Music — This section works a lot like the Gnod Suggestions section from Books. You type in three artists you like and click continue and it finds you an artist you might enjoy based on what you’ve put in. You can click on the artist’s name and be taken to the Discussion page (you have to be a member of Flork to join the discussion.) You can also click “related bands” and see a music map for that artist if there is one. You can also tell them if you like or dislike the artist, and this will help it find artists that are customized to your tastes.

Gnod Movies — This works the same way as the other two sections books, and music.

Flork — seems to be invitation only to join which makes using the discussion groups hard. If any of you figure out how to get invited please let me know.

http://www.gnod.net/ [1]