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Gmail Checker for Firefox

Yolanda from KY asks:

Are there any Firefox plugins that allow me to check my Gmail easily?

By all accounts, the popularity of both Firefox [1] and Gmail [2] continues to increase, with more users joining the ranks every day. If you’re one of the millions that use both, Gmail Checker [3] might be for you. This handy little Firefox extension offers incoming email notification, and provides quick and easy access to one or more Gmail accounts.

Click here [3] to begin installation. At the Add-ons page, click the green Add to Firefox button. If you have any questions, a very helpful FAQ section can also be found there.


Installation will complete once Firefox is restarted. Once installed, the icon should appear in the Customize Toolbar window. From there, it can be dragged to a convenient location. To access Customize Toolbar, click View and select Customize from the Toolbars submenu.


In Customize Toolbar, find the icon and drag it to a toolbar. Below, it was added to the Navigation Toolbar.


Once the icon is placed, click it and select Manage Accounts.


In the Gmail Checker dialog box, enter account information.


Or add, and monitor, multiple accounts.


An account–or accounts–can be accessed by clicking on the icon. Then, in the account submenu, you can either select an item to view, open the mailbox, or log out. Clicking an individual email will open that particular email.


Click Settings to adjust preferences.


For example, Show notification popup was checked below.


With the notification set, when new mail arrives, the popup appears above the taskbar.


In addition to adding popup notifications, adjustments can be made to the schedule for checking new mail, icon settings can be changed, and the checker can be set to automatically log in when the browser is opened, Browse Settings for these, and other, options.

A similar feature for Chrome [4] users was covered in a previous WorldStart article, Google Chrome and Gmail [5].