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Gmail Child Account

Gmail Child Account

I was visiting a friend the other day and his young child was complaining that she wanted an e-mail address. She wanted one to keep in touch with her aunt and uncle, who had told her to e-mail them. My friend explained to her that she could use his, but she wanted one with her name in it. My friend was wary of creating one for her, because of all the bad spam she’d get and he also wondered how he would be able to monitor her account.

Well, when I went home, I did some research and found out that users of the Gmail e-mail program can create a parent and child account. Cool, huh?! Read on for some more details.

If you want to create a sub-account (child account), just follow these directions:

1.) Log in to your Gmail account.

2.) In the upper right hand corner, click Settings.

3.) Select the link that says Accounts. Below that, select the link that says “Add another e-mail address.”

4.) When asked what e-mail address you’d like, type your Gmail user name, followed by a plus sign and the name of the child’s account, with no spaces. For example, if your Gmail address was dillan@gmail.com and the child’s name was Jenna, you’d type in dillan+jenna@gmail.com. When you have finished, click the Next Step button.

5.) Now, when your child goes to compose an e-mail, in the From: drop down menu, they can select their account instead of yours.

Any messages or replies sent to that account will appear in your Inbox and you can tell your child when they have a new message. It’s the perfect way to give your child what they want, but still keep a close eye on what they do while on the Internet.

You can even create multiple child accounts. Heck, they don’t even necessarily have to be for a child. They can be for whatever you like!

Not a shabby deal, huh?!

~ Neil Patel