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Gmail Desktop Notifications in Google Chrome

Do you use Gmail as your main e-mail provider and Google Chrome as a web browser? Sure you, do – a lot of people do, in fact. Yet there’s one thing that’s always annoyed me (up until I found this tip, that is) – getting notifications on my desktop whenever I receive an e-mail.

Well, good news, Chromies – it’s easy to enable desktop notifications in Gmail, and here’s how.

First, open Google Chrome, log into your Gmail account and click the gear icon on the upper right.

Under the Desktop Notification section, put a dot in the New mail notifications on radio button, and click Save Changes at the bottom.

Voila – you should now receive a handy little desktop pop-up whenever you receive an e-mail in your Gmail account!

If you’d like to turn off these notifications, just follow the steps again and select the Mail notifications off option.