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Gmail for Everyone

Gmail for Everyone

As Google is saying, “it’s a Gmail party and everyone is invited!” Ever since Google introduced the Gmail e-mail program to the public back in 2004, it has been an invitation only service. This meant that you either had to be invited by someone who was already using it or you could sign up using your mobile phone. If you wanted an account, you could give them your phone number and they would text message you a code and “invite” you to create an account. What a pain!

Well, all of that is over now. This past Wednesday (February 14, 2007), Google announced that anybody and everybody can now get a Gmail account, no invitation required. Signing up for Gmail is now as easy as creating an account with, say, Hotmail or Yahoo! All you have to do is visit mail.google.com and create an account. You’ll just need to fill in a couple pieces of information, agree to their terms and click on the “I accept. Create my account” button. You’ll then be all set.

With your Gmail account, you will have a whole 2 GB of space for your e-mails. You can also use Gmail to chat with other users, so be sure to tell all of your friends about this new and exciting discovery. One more thing: if you use Outlook Express or another desktop e-mail client, you can still get your Gmail messages through that. Everything’s covered here! So, either way you look at it, this is a great deal and now that everyone can take advantage of it, maybe you should too. Check it out!

~ Erin