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Gmail Slideshows

Gmail Slideshows

Are you one of the many who use Gmail as your number one e-mail program? I know I do! It’s so easy to use and it never lets me down. In the past, we here at WorldStart have gone over so many different features that Gmail offers, it’s almost ridiculous! I mean, there’s been everything from more storage space to new message notifications to mobile phone tips to bigger attachment sizes and so on. So, when I heard about Gmail’s latest feature, I had to share it with all of you right away!

If you receive a lot of PowerPoint attachments in your Gmail account, you are just going to love this one! From now on, when you receive a PowerPoint attachment, you are able to instantly view it as a slideshow, without downloading anything to your computer. How is that possible, you ask? Well, when you click the attachment, just choose the option of “View as slideshow.” It will look like this:

The slideshow will then open in a new window and you can navigate through the slides just like normal. Along with PowerPoint attachments, you can also view .doc and .xls documents with some help from Google Docs and Spreadsheets. If you are signed up for that, you can do the same thing with all the other document attachments you get in Gmail. There’s just nothing better, don’t you agree? Check it out today, my Gmail lovin’ friends!

~ Erin