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Gmail Tools

The other day, you wrote a tip about a program called gCount, which is a tool you can use with Gmail. I was just wondering if you know of any others you can tell us about. I’m a big fan of Gmail and I’m always looking for new things to use along with it. Thanks for your help!

Ah, I’m so glad you asked! There are actually tons of Gmail tools available these days, so it shouldn’t be too hard to conjure up a few to tell you about. I’ve actually been saving my list of them for future tips and I will continue to write about them every so often, but today, I want to share three of my favorites with you. I, too, am an avid Gmail user and I use these three tools every single day. I actually can’t even remember what it was like without them. They’re that cool! So, what do you say I fill you in on some of my Gmail secrets? I thought you might like that. Let’s check it out!

1.) gFeeder – First up is a little desktop application that goes by the name of gFeeder. This little tool sits on your desktop and basically watches your e-mail for you as it comes in to your Inbox. Then, once your e-mails have come through, gFeeder allows you to see, at a glance, what you have waiting for you. So, before you even go to your Inbox, you can see what’s there. How cool is that?!

This application works perfectly if you’re expecting an important e-mail, but you don’t have a lot of time to check on it. With gFeeder, you can take a glance at your Inbox first and if you see the one e-mail you’ve been waiting on, you can then open your Inbox and read it right away. I use this tool all the time for my e-mails here in the office. All of my e-mails are linked between Outlook Express and Gmail and when I’m expecting an important e-mail from a co-worker, I use gFeeder to take a quick look at my Inbox and then I go on my way. It’s that easy to do and it’s so convenient. You can even customize gFeeder to fit all of your specific needs. It just doesn’t get any better. Give it a try today. Who knows, you might just fall in love with it too! To download gFeeder for yourself, click here.

2.) Delegate to Remember the Milk – Now, I know this one’s name is rather odd, but it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever used! Delegate to Remember the Milk is a Firefox extension, so if you also use Firefox along with Gmail, you’ll be all set. So, what does this do? Well, it basically allows you to create to-do lists right through your Gmail e-mails.

Once you download this extension, it will add a button to your Gmail messages that you can click on any time you need to create a “Remember the Milk” task for yourself. So, if you ever need to write yourself a note after you’ve read an e-mail, you can use this tool to do so. With just a click of the button, you can turn your e-mails into tasks for yourself, while still holding on to the original e-mail. It’s the perfect reminder, if you ask me. I’m always checking my e-mail, so with this application by my side, I never forget to do anything. It’s perfect for anyone who likes to be organized all the time (like myself). If you’re a “Remember the Milk” type of person, you’re going to want to download this one right away. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. To install it for yourself, click here.

3.) Gmail Music – This last one is great for any music lover! It’s called Gmail Music and it allows you to store your MP3 music files right in your Gmail account. (Isn’t that awesome?!) Yep, you heard me right. Once you download a new song, you can save it to your Gmail account and you can then play it back at any time. And with all the storage space Gmail provides, you’ll never have to worry about running out of room for your songs.

I use this tool all the time for my MP3s. I have several songs ready to be put onto my MP3 player, but until I find time to do that, they stay right in my Gmail account, safe and sound. Also, once you have a song saved to your Gmail, not only can you play the songs on your computer, but you can play them on any other computer as well. That way, you’ll never be without your music. That just makes me the happiest girl in the whole world! If you’d like to download Gmail Music for yourself, all you have to do is click here.

So, there you have it. Three of my all time favorite Gmail tools. I hope you’ve seen something you’d like to try out as well. Among all the Gmail tools available today, these three are definitely top notch. Check them out today! Also, keep reading the newsletter for even more Gmail tools like these. They’re coming your way very soon!

Enjoy and have fun!

~ Erin