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Go Back Without a Back Button

The other day I was on a site that had a pop up window for searches. Anyhow, I did a search, then another, and wanted to go back to the first one. Unfortunately, there was no back button on this pop up, so I had to search my first term again.

Then another time I had a pop up window that I needed to refresh, but no refresh button was to be found (I wanted to see if some info had been updated). So, my question is, is there a way to navigate or work with a browser window that doesn’t display your browser buttons?

Yes! Usually, you can right-click inside the window and select Back , Forward , or Refresh from the resulting menu. Oh, be sure you’re not clicking a picture when you do this or you’re not going to get those options – just a bunch of picture saving type stuff.


If you’d rather do the keyboard shortcut thing, that’s fun too (besides, you always look cooler when you use keyboard shortcuts). Here are the shortcuts you need:

Alt+Arrow – Use the Alt key with your left and right arrows to go forward / back.

Backspace – Hitting your backspace key will also take a back.

F5 – This one will refresh the page.

Esc – Tapping the escape key is the same as clicking the Stop button. BTW – frantic pounding of the Escape key is my favorite way to stop runaway pop-up windows.

Alt+Home – Yup, this’ll send ya back to your homepage which is hopefully set to www.worldstart.com [1] 😉

One last way, if you have a scroll-wheel type mouse, is to hold down Shift while you move the wheel. This moves you easily through the pages.

And there you have it. That should get you through most, probably all, buttonless browser situations you encounter.

Happy surfin’.

~ Steve