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Go Faster, Mouse!

I’ve tried all of your other suggestions when it comes to speeding up my mouse, but I’m just not satisfied. Is there anything else I can do? Please!

I’m sure you’re all going to back me up on this one. There are several things that can frustrate you when your mouse is involved. Am I right or am I right? You either can’t get your pointer to act the way you want it to or your scroll wheel seems out of whack. Or maybe you just can’t get the mouse pointer to look like you want. Whatever the case may be, there’s always something you can do to try and change that. Interested? I thought you might be!

Today we’re going to focus on the speed of your mouse. You may think that you have your pointer set at the fastest speed possible, but in all actuality, it may feel like you’re still being bogged down. With an unsatisfactory mouse speed, you have a harder time getting your work done and even worse, the speed bugs you the whole time you’re using your mouse. Well, I’m here to help you change all of that, so here we go!

To increase the speed of your mouse, just follow the directions below.

1.) Go to Start, Control Panel and click the Mouse icon.

Now, keep in mind that if you’re using the classic view of the Control Panel, you can click on the Mouse icon right away, but if you’re in the category view, you’ll need to click on Printers and Other Hardware, then Mouse.

2.) Click on the Pointer Options tab and you will see different areas you can experiment with to change the enhancement of your mouse. The first one is for the Motion speed and this is the one you’ll want to look at. Under that, an option to “Enhance Pointer Precision” is shown. Uncheck that and you will see right away how much faster your mouse will go.

That was easy enough, right?! Give it a try for yourself. You’ll never be bogged down by your mouse speed again and that’s something you can’t replace!

~ Shantala Ramamoorthy