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Go Green with Edison

It seems as if everyone is trying to be green these days. I think we all like to have the feeling that we’re doing our part to save the environment. A couple weeks ago, I wrote about a program called Green Print World that helps you save paper and ink when you’re printing from a Web site. Well, today, I have a program called Edison that will help to make sure your computer is saving as much money and energy as possible. Cool, huh?!

Edison is very simple to use. After installing it and going through the free registration process, you’ll be given a screen that looks like this:

You can click on each of the tabs to adjust the settings to meet your needs. The Work Time tab is for when you are normally using your computer. The Non-work Time tab is for when your computer is not in use. The Schedule tab tells Edison when you’re using your computer system.

That’s it! You can download Edison for yourself right here. Enjoy!

~ Gary