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This site is a “godsend”. You can discover the gods worshipped in many cultures from the ancient Aztecs to the Norse Gods to the ever famous Egyptian and Greek gods—you’ll find them all here with great descriptions.

You may choose to start browsing from the side bar menu of Pantheons. Here you choose a pantheon and then you get taken to that pantheon’s page. You’ll get an introduction to the pantheon and the top ten list for that pantheon, which is the ten gods most hit in searches for that pantheon. Choose a god and you get the mythology behind that god as well as statistics from the region the god’s mythos is from. Not to mention their mystical number.

Now that you’ve chosen a pantheon you can also check out the A to Z list of that pantheon’s gods on the side menu, and if you know what you’re looking for you can just type in the first three letters of the god’s name.

Recently they added the Oceanic pantheon which covers “Oceania, including Fiji, Hawaii, Melanesia, Micronesia, New Guinea, Polynesia, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga—plus a zillion islands such as Banks Island, Caroline Island, Cook Island, Easter Island, Gilbert Islands, Society Islands and Solomon Islands.” This section interested me because you don’t hear anything on their legends and mythos much at all. It was very interesting. I recommend checking out the A to Z list for this section.

Now along the menu bar at the top of the page you will find the following sections: Home, News, Top Gods, The Pantheons, Find a God, Offerings, Links, and of course, Help. The Pantheons button is obviously just another way for you to get the information on the Pantheons. Home takes you to the main page so let’s not talk anymore about those.

News — Here is where you will find out what they updated recently, as well as interesting stories and tidbits.

Top Gods — The top ten gods searched for on the site for the current day. You can submit a god to the top ten list as well with the form on the bottom of page. You can also check out today’s featured god.

Find a God — This is the search engine of the site. Which makes short work of finding a specific god if you have one in mind, I searched Eris, and was pleased with the search results. If you don’t know the correct spelling you can search just the first three letters and choose from the list of gods that come up. Very easy to use, and you can even specify which pantheon to help narrow down the search.

Offerings — This is a quirky little section on finding the gods in the modern world. For example, a tree that looks like a person—is it a tree god in disguise? Here you can also find on the side menu Mythmatics which is the numbers of the gods, and how it ties into mythology. You can also find articles on various topics like the Lego Gods which were hilarious!

Well I’m going to leave you to explore while I continue my research on lesser known gods of old.

http://www.godchecker.com/ [1]