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GOM Multimedia Player

GOM Multimedia Player

Do you ever watch videos on your computer? I do! They’re usually AVI/MPG files that I have downloaded or uploaded from my camera. Heck, I’ll watch movies on my laptop while I’m working on my PC. One thing I have never really liked about the whole video player scene is downloading and installing codecs that you need in order to play certain types of video files like DivX, MPEG2, etc. It can really put a damper on things when all you want to do is view some five minute video and you have to search the Web for codecs for 10 minutes just so your player can read the format. In addition to making the process almost not worth the effort, there is also a learning curve to think about. This process can be a little overwhelming and possibly confusing for someone who may not be familiar codecs.

So, today I bring you the GOM Multimedia Player. GOM is a stand alone player that has tackled a lot of the problems that bog down other conventional players. One of the most outstanding features of GOM is its library of codecs that come pre-installed with the application. No more hunting around for this and that in order to watch a video. Just sit back and enjoy!

GOM doesn’t have every codec within its own files and there is always the possibility of a new format coming out, but GOM has most of it covered. GOM has a built in service that will go and seek out the proper codecs you need. You then just download them and initiate the install. No longer is seeking out codecs a roadblock to your multimedia fun, but rather a minor speed bump that is easily negotiated.

GOM brings a lot more to the table than built in codecs. With GOM, you can actually watch AVI files while they are being downloaded, thanks to the unique patented ability GOM has of fixing and reading incomplete AVI files.

In addition to these wonderful features, GOM is packed to the rafters with customizable features and options, supporting advanced features for advanced users.

GOM really is the multimedia player to use, in my opinion. Try it out and I think you’ll agree!

You can download the GOM multimedia player here.

~ Chad Stelnicki