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GOOD [1]

Welcome to the Roadmap to Harmony.

There are a couple of ways to navigate this roadmap. You can click the Get Started circle, read the introduction, and then follow the other circles around the map. Just click on them to zoom in on what they’re about.

Or you can use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate. They are: Energy, Education, Sustenance, Health, Earth, Flora & Fauna, Connectivity, Exchange, and Coexistence.

Or you can use my approach and just click around, and delving deeper into what interests you.

I checked out Connectivity first. Did you know 1 in 5 people are connected somehow to the internet and half of those users have a high-speed broadband connection? Why is that important? All that interconnectivity can promote harmony through communication.

While each section has plenty to read you’ll also find videos, graphs, and ideas on how you can take action for a certain subject. There’s a neat option at the top of the page called Sort.

It lets you pick profiles, infographics, or videos and sort the page by them. This means that if you’d just like to check out the videos, you can choose videos and they’ll all come to the forefront of the harmony image so you can click them with ease.

Check it out today!

http://awesome.good.is/ecosystem/index.html#/home [1]