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Google Accounts

Google Accounts

Are you a big Google user? If you are, that probably means you have a Google account, right? You know, the information you use to sign in to your Gmail account, etc. Well, now Google has come out with a new service that will allow you to get a little more personal with your own Google. What do I mean by that exactly? Let me explain.

With the Google Accounts service, you can do a lot more to your account once you sign in. For example, customize pages, view recommendations and even get more relevant search results. You can even get in on such things as Google Alerts, Google Groups, Search History and the Froogle Shopping List. Doesn’t sound too shabby, now does it?!

To get started, just visit this link and sign in with your Google e-mail address and password. Once you do, you’ll be taken to a page where you can start your personalization. You’ll see the services that you are already signed up for, along with a list of new ones you can try. Just click on their links to learn more about them. You can also edit your personal information and so much more. You probably use your Google account on a regular basis, so why not make it all it can be? Give it a try!

~ Erin