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Google Calendar Updates

Google Calendar Updates

In case you haven’t already guessed it from the title, yes, Google has added yet another couple new features to its Google Calendar application. And I’m so excited to tell you all about it today! So, what are they? Well, one deals with event reminders and the other has to do with accessing your calendar from your mobile phone. Sounds cool, huh?! Now, you do need to have a Google account to be able to use these features, so if you’re interested and you haven’t already signed up for one, you can do that here. Then when you’re ready, keep on reading!

With these new Google Calendar features, you will be able to easily stay up to date with all the events you have going on in your life, you can organize your own schedule, coordinate your schedule with your friends and family and even get some new ideas of things to do. Like I said before, the first new addition has to do with event reminders. Basically, Google Calendar will send you notifications for all your upcoming events. You will also have more control over when and how you’re notified. You can receive e-mail notifications or text messages on your mobile phone and you can decide if you want those for all your events or just certain ones. The control is all in your hands!

With the second new addition, you can access your calendar features from any mobile phone. As long as the phone has an Internet connection, you can check on your schedule, plan your events and so much more. The Calendar is set up in a very easy to browse format as well, so you’ll have no trouble keeping track of all the things you need to do. To start using these new features, just log in to your Google Calendar here. (Or you can go to www.google.com and click on the Calendar link). Either way you look at it, these new updates are worth taking a look at. Check them out today, my Google friends!

~ Erin