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Google Calendar: Why Can’t I e-Mail Events?

Gupta from Singapore writes:

Hi, in Google Calender I get notification of event. I am not able to send the copy to another email address. Can you help?

Gupta, one possibility is that the person who originally created the event did not set it up to allow guests to invite others. You can ask the creator of the event to change the setting, or if he or she would rather maintain control of the guest list, request that the person you wish to share it with be invited.

Another possibility is that the person you wish to invite doesn’t use Google Calendar or isn’t not permitted access to that particular calendar.  To add someone to your calendar, choose My calendars, then Settings.

Under Shared click Edit settings.

Now you can add people to your calendar. But, remember, you can only add people to calendars where you have permission to add people.

~ Cynthia