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Google Chrome Error Messages

Shakun, from Ludhians, India asks:

I am a computer novice. I have Windows XP, SP3, and my browser is Google Chrome. Whenever I try to open a site, I get the message, “The webpage is not available”. The error 105 is displayed. After refreshing many times, the webpage is displayed. Can you tell me what’s happening and how to fix it?

Google Chrome is a browser developed by Google that has become more popular over the past year. It now has over 30 million users, and that speaks for itself! It is a fast browser and easy to use. However, no web browser is perfect, and Google Chrome has its share of problems.

Google Chrome uses DNS. DNS stands for Domain Name System and in laymen’s terms, it’s the website name computers see. www.worldstart.com looks normal to us, right? Well to a computer, that means nothing at all. It sees numbers instead. These numbers are called an IP address. We won’t go into detail about what an IP address is, because that would be another article in itself. You can look at it like an address you give a computer. Just like your home address! An IP address looks something like 12.48.345.687. Doesn’t Worldstart look better to you?

Google Chrome uses DNS pre-fetching to improve the speed required to open a website on your computer. Unfortunately, instead of making a site load faster, occasionally the site does not load at all, and you get the webpage is not available message with an error 105. You probably have also seen completely blank pages with no text at all. You can refresh the page a few times and get the site to load, but you don’t want to do that every time do you? If you turn off DNS pre-fetching, it will solve this issue. Here’s how to turn DNS pre-fetching off in Google Chrome.

Open Google Chrome, click on Tools (a wrench icon in the top right corner), and click Options.


Click the Under the Hood tab and under the Privacy section, uncheck Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance.


Click Close when finished. Close Chrome and reopen.

Now that you’ve turned DNS pre-fetching off, your webpages should load now without any errors.

~Rita Wood