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Google Chrome: How Do I Remove A Tab But Keep It Accessible?

Walter from Virginia writes:

I am new to Google Chrome and switched over after the Internet Explorer problem.  When I click on any link; say WorldStart, the browser opens up with my Credit Union site access as the top Tab as well as the WorldStart site Tab in the background. Since I am the only person that uses this computer I would like an easy access to to my Banking site but would prefer it not to open every time I click on a link.  Is there a way I can stop this from happening but still have an  easy access to the site?

Chrome will open recently used and frequently used tabs for you automatically. Here’s how to take care of that issue. With your bank page open, click the star to the right of browser and add it as a bookmark.

Now right-click on the tab for the bank page and choose “Close Tab.”

Now you can access your banking page by opening your bookmarks. For even easier access, choose the Menu icon, then bookmarks and select Show bookmarks bar.

Your bookmarks will now be displayed at the top of the page, but the page will not be open. Just click on the name of the bank page to open it.

~ Cynthia