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Google Chrome Task Manager

While searching for an answer to a reader’s question about Google Chrome (an answer that was never found), I ran across the Chrome Task Manager. Since, for a couple years, Chrome was my default browser, you might think I’d have noticed this before. You’d be wrong.

The Task Manager in Chrome is very similar to the Windows Task Manager, in that memory, CPU usage and other activities are monitored. Another similarity is that it can be used to end a process.

There are a couple ways to access the Chrome Task Manager. The easiest way, is the keyboard shortcut (Shift+Esc). Or, it can be accessed by clicking on the wrench icon in the upper right corner, and selecting Tools>Task manager from the menus.

Once in the Task Manager, right clicking on one of the items in the list will bring up a menu, where the information on any checked items will be displayed in columns.

If you want to force a webpage or application to close, just click the End process button.

I elected to close the WorldStart webpage, which brought up the tearful statement seen below. Apparently, you don’t just close them, you kill them. The crushing guilt that followed this action, led to weeks of therapy. I’ve since recovered. At least that’s what the voices in my head tell me.