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Google Country Information

Writing reports about different countries used to be a real pain when I was a young man. If only I had the Internet (and more specifically, Google) to help me muddle through. Well, it may be too late for me, but for the younger generation, Google has some nifty commands you can type in to get the facts on countries all over the world.

For example, say you wanted to know the current population of Germany. Sure, you could open an encyclopedia, but that may not be current – you could also browse through Wikipedia, but that takes too long.

Why not type population Germany into the Google search box and be done with it?


See? It’s that easy! Just type in a command and the country in question to get the facts! Here are some other ones you can try:

gdp – for gross domestic product
– for the country’s national anthem
capital city
– for the country’s capital
– for the country’s flag

You can even type location (country name) and get the geographical location in Google maps!

What a handy bit of info!