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Google Desktop: A Deeper Look

Google Desktop: A Deeper Look

Have you ever dreamed about an easier way of searching the Web? You know, maybe eliminating the log in process or perhaps not having to type in the address of the Web site you want to visit. Well, today, I will help you make that dream come true! Lucky for all of us, Google has come out with a feature called Google Desktop and it allows you to search the Web right from your desktop. It also provides you with a full text search over your e-mail, files, music, photos, chats, Gmail, other Web pages you have previously viewed and so on. With Google Desktop, you are free from having to manually organize your files, e-mails and bookmarks and as if all of that wasn’t enough, it also offers you new gadgets and a sidebar. Sound good? Then let’s check it out!

1.) First, go to www.desktop.google.com.

2.) Once you’re there, click on the blue button that says Install Google Desktop.

3.) Next, click Run and the application will immediately start to download.

4.) After the application is downloaded, you will have to follow a few simple instructions, but when you’re done, Google Desktop will be ready to use!

5.) Now that you have Google Desktop downloaded, go to www.desktop.google.com/plugins. From that page, you can add gadgets to your Google Desktop. Simply choose a gadget that interests you and click Download. It will then appear under your Google Desktop gadgets.

I’m guessing you’re probably wondering what a Google gadget is, right? Well, Google gadgets are mini applications that display your e-mail, weather, photos and personalized news. There are many gadgets to pick from and you can add the gadgets to your desktop, your iGoogle homepage or both!

Once you have Google Desktop up and running, you have the choice of either having your Google Desktop in a sidebar or as a deskbar. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, the sidebar is a vertical bar that sits on your desktop and displays your gadgets, personal information and a search option. With it, you can drag and drop any of your gadgets in to or out of your sidebar. You can also move them up and down to arrange them in any order you prefer. On the other hand, the deskbar is a minimized bar that sits in your taskbar. It allows you to search the Web or your computer as well.

Now, with all of that out of the way, here are some quick Google Desktop tips:

That’s it. Now, you can search the Web or your computer with just a few keystrokes. Have fun!

~ Mike Pettinato