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Google Docs Redesign

Google Docs Redesign

Are you an avid Google Docs and Spreadsheets user? (If you’re not sure what Google Docs is, you can read here for a complete explanation). Well, if you are, you probably already know about the redesign that took place a couple months ago, right? But, just in case it’s been awhile since you’ve used the program, I thought I would give you a heads up on what you might see the next time you open it up. Now, before I go any further, I’m just going to tell you that the new design looks absolutely fantastic. If you want to know more, you’ve got to continue reading!

First of all, Google has given their Docs and Spreadsheets program a whole new interface and it’s easier to use than ever. The redesign of the interface has really keyed in on some of the issues people (and maybe you) were having with it before. For one thing, the new interface is much faster than it was before and it really just pulls you in to use it. This is one interface you’ll really enjoy working with. On another note, Google has also added a new drag and drop feature to the program, which is always very helpful.

Along with that, there is a whole new folder layout. Google finally got rid of the “tag” feature and replaced it with folders. So, if you ever had trouble figuring out how to make folders in Google Docs, that will never happen again! One more very cool feature that has been added to the new Google Docs has to do with the Search box. From now on, when you’re performing a search, Google Docs will give you some suggestions for what they think you’re searching for, all before you even finish typing. It’s a lot like the Google Suggest option you can use for a regular Google search as well. So, how does all of that sound? If you’re big into using Google Docs, I think you’re going to find that these new features are very helpful and easy to work with. No doubt about it!

~ Erin