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Google Earth Update

Google Earth Update

Yes, that’s right. There is yet another update to the Google Earth mania. This one is the fourth update to the beta program and is called Google Earth Release 4 – Beta. This update was announced at the beginning of November, so I am little late on this one, but I guess it’s better late than never, right?! So, what’s new with GE? Let’s check it out!

This time around, Google wants to make your Earth browsing easier than it’s ever been. Along with the beneficial updates they made to the program last time, Google has added even more accessories that can make your searching a lot more interesting. First of all, they have added some drawing tools, including the path and polygon tools. With these, you can sketch easier and create your own imagery. There are also some additional modules included with this version, such as the premium printing module, a GIS data importing module and a movie making module.

That’s not even all! There are also promises of faster 3D models, new icons that will help you navigate through Google Earth easier, improved printing methods and an MSI Installer, which will help with the installation and maintenance of the program while you have it on your computer. All of this and more is available for you to use right now, so go ahead and get the latest version and start expanding your Earth! You can download the Google Earth Version 4 (beta) here.

~ Erin